Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So spring break is over...

            However, the week before spring break, I was able to move on with my project. That week, I came up with a liquid growth medium for bacteria. This growth medium was a broth containing deionized water, yeast extract, and either plastic stripes or small polyethylene beads.  The broth was made using 400 ml of deionized water, and mixing in 8 grams of yeast extract.  This mixture was prepared six times, and stored in different flasks. Five per-weighted stripes of plastic were added to three of the flasks. One gram of polyethylene beads were added to another three flasks.  
The last few weeks have gone very fast. I can’t believe that spring break is over!
             In order to introduce the bacteria to the broth, one gram of pond muck was added to one of the flasks with the plastic stripes, and another to the flaks with the polyethylene beads.  A gram of dessert soil was also added to one flask with plastic stripes, and another to the flask with the polyethylene beads. The two flask left were used as a control group.
           So far, the flasks have emitted a pungent smell, and I think that is a good sign. Just as with the other parts of my project, all I can do now is wait…..

The six flasks with growth medium

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