Monday, March 30, 2015

Last week was a bit unproductive. I mean there is not a lot that I can do now. I have to wait, and see what happens with my three projects. The first project with the different plant pots worries me, because I didn’t have growth on all of the pots with regular dessert soil. Only one of the five pots with a bean planted had germination and growth. I don’t understand what happened. In addition, the legume plants that were growing on the pots with potting soil are dying!!!
However, the second project with the winogradsky columns is showing progress. There is a change in color in the pond sediment, and the color is changing to a deep green (a sign of bacterial growth!!). I am very excited to see the end results. Well, I am not that excited to smell them.  Honestly, I can’t imagine how putrefying that smell would be!!
Finally, the last project is trying to create my own growth medium for bacteria. Just as the winogradsky columns, this project is a smelly one! The smell was so bad that I had to move my flasks twice, because it bothered other S-STEM scholars. I had to move them to a small incubator, and they seemed to be doing well.
For now, I am going to be working on doing a bit of more research. However, I also have to  focus on my other courses, because the semester is coming to an end. I know there is still seven weeks, but time doesn’t wait for anybody…..

Winogradsky column showing change in color

Plant pots with legume

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