Thursday, June 11, 2015

I decided that this summer I was going to continue my research, because I need to work on in as much as I can. However, I haven’t really done much in the past two weeks. I have mostly done computer research, and I was able to find some good peer review journals. I have also started planning, and collecting the materials.
For this summer, my goal is to create various Winogradsky columns using landfill dirt. My research question is whether there are any bacteria present in the landfill dirt that are able to break down plastic. Right now, I am trying to get permission to collect some dirt from the Glendale municipal landfill. The only variable I am going to have this time is the type of plastic, because I will be using regular plastic bags and plastic bags made out of  biodegradable plastic. I am trying to find out if biodegradable plastic really breaks down faster than regular plastic. 

Do biodegradable plastic really decompose faster than regular plastic???

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