Thursday, February 19, 2015

I am very happy because this week I was able to move one with my project. First of all, I had to re-plant half of the pots I had planted weeks ago. The reason for this was that there was no plant growth. I think that the soil I used (obtained from my backyard) was contaminated with something that prevented seed germination. The new soil was obtained from Phoenix College!!
I hope that this time I will have plant growth.

                In addition, today I was able to do my four winogradsky columns, and I hope I never have to do them again!! The smell of the pond muck was horrible, and I still get chills just by remembering it.  However, I am very happy to move on to the next step of my project…….wait. I have to admit that this is not the most exciting part, but I will eventually harvest the fruit of my labor.

The four winogradsky columns

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  1. The smell gets worse...just wait till you have to remove and weight your plastic bags samples. Be careful, I had a column explode on me once. The fallout from that explosion is still on the wall today.