Thursday, February 12, 2015

         Unfortunately, this week was very slow, and I didnt have much progress with the second part of my project. The second part was to create four different winogradsky columns with different variables, and bury stripes of plastic.

          A winogradsky column is a very simple device used to grow microorganisms. The winogradsky column can be made using a variety of containers including plastic bottles (which is what I am going to be using). The cointaner is filled with soil containing microorganis. I used pond muck, because it is the best to use for the winogradsky column. The stripes are going to be buried in the pond muck, and hopefully get some decomposition. The variables I will be testing is adding an egg to the pond muck in two of the winograsky columns, and compare the amount of decomposition to the two other  columns without the egg mixture. Eggs are full of the different chemicals such as phosphorous that are needed for microorganism survival.
       In addition, another variable will be exposing two of the columns to light, and the other two columns will be covered with aluminium to prevent light exposure. However, I wasnt able to complete the four columns because I didnt have enough pond muck for the three bottles. In addition, the pond muck that I had was too contaminated with rocks and bugs. It took me all day to clean enough pond muck for one single bottle!! 
    Fortunetely, a fellow S-STEM scholar advised me to filter the soil using a colender to remove rocks and other contaminants. I hope to get more pond muck by next week, and come up with the best way to filter the pond muck to complete my winogradsky columns!!!
My first winogradsky column

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