Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 2

A new semester has arrived, and the opportunities are endless. I have high expectations for my research project, not only because I am working alongside a PC faculty with great expertise on this subject, but also due to the fact that I am being funded by WAESO. I feel like a bunch of eyes are looking at me, and expect me to do great things. Will my project yield any decent results? Only time will tell.

                So far, I being trying to start growth from the four different water samples I have collected.I haven’t had any apparent growth, but it has only being five days! I need to be patient, and if there isn't any growth anytime soon, I will have to take a step back and analyze the problem. 

The good news is that I have set up my small algae farm (well I am not growing anything there yet). Thank you Josh, for all the help in building it. 

My miniature algal farm!!!

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