Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 3

Honestly, it feels like this week was very unproductive. The only thing I did was add the bubblers to my algae cultures, which I wasn’t sure if I should do, because I didn’t add them from the beginning.  I was worried that adding the bubblers will add an extra variable, but I spoke to Anil and he told me we should be fine as long as I use the same conditions and time for all of my samples. Hopefully, adding the bubblers will increase growth, because so far the algae cultures have been growing very slowly.

In other news, I joined the club URSA Majors, and I am an officer. I can’t believe it!! I am grateful for the opportunity that everyone in the club has given me, and I know that it is a big responsibility. My title is “Fundraiser Liaison”, but technically I am a co-treasurer. I am going to be working with another member, and together we are going to take on the financial responsibilities for the club. I am excited!!

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