Friday, November 6, 2015

So the algae is growing, and that is a good thing (I guess), but then I have a huge problem. The problems is that I started off with 50ml of water sample (from each source), but I had no idea the algae concentration in each sample. I realized this was a problem after I did some research (and some thinking), but didn't know how I could fix this. I talked with Josh and he had some good suggestions. He suggested that I could use a similar method he did when he worked in a chemical company.

The procedure Josh suggested works really well when you have a homogenous solution, and my algae might not be completely homogenous, but it is very close to that. Anyway, I have to talk to Anil about it, and see if he thinks it is a good idea or not. We have five weeks for the semester to be over, and I am not pressure at all (a bit of sarcasm there). Hope everyone's projects is going well, and have spectacular weekend!!!

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