Thursday, October 29, 2015

How was everybody's week?? 

Well, my week was awesome!! I am very happy  to communicate that I am going to be part of a research group at ASU (Tempe Campus). I am very excited, but at the same time nervous, because I want to succeed in this new opportunity. The type of research I am going to focus on is GREEN CHEMISTRY RESEARCH!!! I never thought I would have this amazing opportunity. I went to visit Professor Ryan Trovitch today about joining his research group, and he briefly explained to  me his area of research. Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed,because he was talking about unfamiliar topics, but I tried my best to keep up with him.Professor Trovitch also gave me a couple of research papers to look at, and showed me his lab (its pretty amazing). I wish I had taken some pictures to share with everyone. 


In other news, my algae is starting to grow. I will keep everyone updated, but other than that, there is nothing much to say about my project this semester. 

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