Friday, October 16, 2015

Is it just me or is time running out!! I think my stress levels are way up high now. Anyway, I talked with Anil about my research, and we came to a lot of conclusions. First, I can’t use the algae I was already growing because the conditions weren’t constant. I realized that the media evaporated over the weekend, and aeration wasn’t constant. I was trying to figure out if I should use aeration or nor by comparing the growth results. However, I decided to use aeration anyway, because there is a lot of research that supports the benefits of it on algae growth.

Like I stated before, I need to start new algae growth, and hopefully I have learned from my mistakes. I am going to leave it in for four weeks and measure the biomass and oil yield at the end. I know time is running out, but I think I have just enough time.

Before starting any new growth, I am waiting to see the results I get from another small experiment, because I am testing the best light for optimal growth.  I also have another problem….. I AM RUNNING OUT OF MEDIA. The media that Josh and Matt gave me is the only one I have, and I am running very low.

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